Why Do Some Earphones Sound Better Than Others

Earphones are a necessity in life. When we are in the supermarket, we will find that different earphoneshave different prices. They all say that there is one cent for one cent. Then, of course, the earphones also have good and bad quality. So what's the difference between the good and bad of our most commonly used headphones?
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First of all, let's start with the workmanship and materials of the earbuds. This can be felt by our eyes and hands. Generally, the original earphone cable is relatively flexible and soft, and the biggest advantage of the original earphone is that it does not worry about compatibility issues. The headset standard is not compatible with mobile phones, and the remote control and microphone functions will be unavailable. Some people may not be able to listen to songs or the sound is too low when they buy headphones. The original is never the case. The original earphone is called because all standards are made according to mobile phones, so its price is naturally more expensive.
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Let's talk about its frequency response curve. The design of a good headset conforms to the contours of the human ear. It is very comfortable to wear and does not fall down, some people who like music like to buy some good headphones are not just because good headphones are more sturdy and durable than poor headphones. Another reason is that the sound quality of good headphones is obviously better.
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Another important point is the signal-to-noise ratio. The sound coming from the headphones has a great impact on your own ears. There is no doubt that the signal-to-noise ratio of good headphones is much better than that of poor headphones. For example, if you are in a very noisy place, but you still want to calm down and do your own thing, then a good headset will help you because when you put it on, it will block the noise and calm your heart. If it is a normal headset, you may still hear the noise but it will be reduced a little. Some headphones may have a sound leakage phenomenon. This may be a problem common to some ordinary headphones. When you are wearing a headset, your music leaks out of the headphones. At this time, people around you will look at you with disapproval, and then we will feel very embarrassed. The embarrassment of good quality headphones will not appear.
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