How Do I Remove The Air Bubbles From A Phone Protector

Mobile phones are becoming more and more important and indispensable in our lives. Watching mobile phones while eating, playing mobile phones before going to bed, and can't live without a mobile phone when shopping. Even watching movies is distracted by mobile phones. Mobile phones have completely changed our lives. We can say that mobile phones are our little babies. In order to protect the mobile phone screen, many people choose to attach a screen protector. But what if there are bubbles in the tempered glass screen protector of the mobile phone? It is too wasteful to tear it off directly. Learn these methods to quickly remove air bubbles.
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1. Hard Card Or Bank Card
If there is a small number of air bubbles on the edge of the tempered film of the mobile phone, first use a hard card or bank card to pry the corner close to the air bubbles, and the bubbles will disappear after full contact with the air. Then use the bank card to slowly press the opened tempered glass screen protector so that the opened part can also contact the screen of the mobile phone. Finally, use the bank card to gently shave the screen of the phone to make it look neat and comfortable overall.
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2.Hair Dryer
Bubbles in the tempered glass screen film of mobile phones not only affect vision but also greatly reduce the sense of experience. If the tempered film of the mobile phone has bubbles and there are many bubbles, you can consider removing it with a hairdryer.
First turn on the power of the hairdryer, open the hot windshield and blow it towards the screen of the mobile phone. After the screen is softened, immediately turn off the hairdryer.
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Then use our fingers to press the air bubbles in the screen protector. After a period of time, the air bubbles disappear. Note that when using a hairdryer, be sure to control the time to prevent hot air from damaging the screen.

Facing the repeated bubbles on the edge of the phone. After pressing, the bubbles disappeared, but after a period of time, the bubbles appeared again in the original place. At this time, you can use a littlelubricant to eliminate the repeated bubbles.Iphone X Screen Protector Tempered Glass

First, use a toothpick to dip a little lubricating liquid, and then pry the tempered glass film close to the air bubble, so that the lubricant on the toothpick and the air bubble directly contact. The stubborn air bubbles will disappear when the lubricating fluid comes into contact with the air bubbles. This method is a bit cumbersome to operate and to prevent the generation of new bubbles while solving the bubbles.

The simplest and rude way to face the air bubbles in the tempered glass screen protector is to use a clip to clamp the air bubbles in the tempered film of the mobile phone. The next morning you will find that air bubbles are gone, and the phone is still comfortable.
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There are bubbles in the tempered film of the mobile phone, which also affects the happiness index of using the mobile phone. Learn the above methods to play the mobile phone comfortably!



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