What kind of data cable is better

Nowadays, the mobile phone is getting smarter, although the phone is very smart, the phone life has not kept up with the rhythm. The mobile phone consumes a lot of power, which is really depressing, especially when we are in entertainment, office, and phone calls. When using critical moments, there will always be a low battery condition.
USB charging cable

This has to be said to be a major drawback of mobile phones, which can only be compensated by charging cable. The data line can charge the phone for continuous battery life. However, the general data line charging is also very slow, and it can't keep up with the rhythm. In fact, we will not choose a good data cable, the charger cable will also affect the charging speed of the mobile phone. So, do you know how to choose a good charging cable? If you don't know yet, Shirley will provide you three methods for your reference here so that our phones can be charged quickly and safely.

1、Data cable interface detection.
The same data cable if the quality of the data line interface, the tightness of the jack and the material of the interface, etc., will affect the charging speed of the mobile phone. Because the quality of the plug terminal of the charging cable is not enough, you will be loose when you plug it into the phone. And will cause poor contact between the phone jack and the copper contacts in the data cable plug, charging unstable will affect the charging speed. Therefore, be sure to check if the plug is loose when buying, if it is loose, we should find the merchants to replace the product as soon as possible.
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2、The identification of the thickness degree of the charging cable.
The wires of the data cable directly affect the speed of charging the mobile phone. Data lines typically have 4 wires for powered by and data transfer. The thicker the wire, the greater the amount of current it can carry and the faster it will charge. So, try to choose  a thicker wire diameter data cable.
usb to micro usb charging cable

3、The length of the charging cable.
The length of the data cable should not be too long. The default standard length of the mobile phone data cable is 1 meter. Of course, this is not fixed, some are long and some are short, and the length of the data lines affects the charging of the mobile phone. Many people have the habit of charging while playing mobile phones at home, and they think that the longer the data line, the better. Especially when you are lying in bed and charging to play with your mobile phone, it seems to be that the longer data cable are more convenient, but such a long data cable will affect the charging speed of the mobile phone. Therefore, we should try to choose a data line of about 1 meter or shorter, so that the charging will be faster.
1m usb charging cable



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